Quality Of Cleaning                  

  • All surfaces disinfected
  • Vacuum
  • Dusting
  • Clean Astrays
  • Door Jambs
  • clean water fountains
  • Small and large appliances cleaned
  • Floor sweeping
  • carpet cleaning
  • Damp moping
  • Mirrors cleaned (streak-free)
  • Bathroom completely sanitized and disinfected
  • Desk dusted and cleaned


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BestFresh offers regular office cleaning services.

Office Cleaning Services
Best Fresh provides
 routine office cleaning on a nightly basis.  Extra service is provided for such things as cleaning interior and exterior areas of entrance doors, also, spot cleaning of carpet and glass, disinfecting the telephones and wipeing fingerprints from around light switches.  We do not cut corners or rush through the cleaning process.   We take pridein our reputation and our quality of work reflects this.

Regular Cleaning Services
are usually performed once a week or every other week and a cleaning service typically cleans all the surfaces, dusting the ceiling fan, bookcases, entertainment center and then with the special cleaner cleaning the electronics such as the television and computer.  Other regular cleaning services include cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.  The last thing a regular housecleaning service provider does is vacuumed up all the dust that has fallen from the furniture. 


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